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Snapchat Score Meaning - How to Increase Snapchat Score

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If you're a big fan of Snapchat or you just started using Snapchat you might be wondering What are Snapchat Score, exactly? Snapchat Score meaning? How do you get them? How to increase Snapchat Score? Basically, Snapchat points are awarded based on your Snapchat usage or your Snapchat activities. A lot of the details remain largely unknown - Snapchat appears to be keeping them under wraps.

Some people might have scores that range in the tens of thousands while others could be stuck in the hundreds. It has no real impact on your overall usage, but since it appears below your Snapchat QR code, you’re probably curious as to how it’s determined. Snapchat score serves one real purpose, to get people to use Snapchat more. Lets see What are Snapchat Scores? How Snapchat Score is calculated? and Snapchat Score meaning.

What is Snapchat Score? How it is calculated?

According to the Snapchat website, Snapchat Score is “the sum of the number of Snaps you have sent and received. Your score is displayed on the Profile screen next to your username”. It's as simple as that. So, that means the more snaps that you send out to friends and receive back from them, the higher your score will be.

Here’s some of my experiences, my Snapchat Score increases when I send out to my friends and receive back from them the scores increases. Adding more friends also effects the scoring and it increases as well, because more Snapchat interaction means the higher your Scores is.

Well, by observing at the Scores of different Snapchat users, this does not seem to apply. There is some logical explanation needed. Have you ever looked on your friends list, there is a “HISCORE” display against each username.

How to check Snapchat Score?

You can view your own Snapchat score by opening the app, tapping the square on the bottom left corner, then tapping where it says “Snapchat” at the top of the screen.

This will change to two numbers; the first number is how many snaps you have sent; the second number is now many snaps you have received in total.

Snapchat Score Meaning and Explanation

Snapchat’s official website says that the score is a total number of Snapchats sent and received between friends. Is really that simple? Trying to find this mystery behind the scores, I started to find answers on Google and forums and there was a popular theory going around saying that each Snapchat is worth 12 points, and if you send three Snapchats in a row to the same person, the continuing pictures are 20 points each. Again, this makes more complex than the official answer given by Snapchat.

Snapchat’s app is full of nuances and hidden features. Some of its features don’t seem to make any sense at all. So, forget about all this Snapchat Scores mystery, try improving your score with more interactions. If you are really crazy about your scores and want to be the “champion” of Snapchat I will show three quick ways to quickly get Snapchat Score.

First tip to boost your Snapchat score is by sending photos that provoke a response. Don’t send them basic photos that have no meaning. Send them photos that make them laugh or at least evoke some kind of emotion. Chances are, they’ll send you something back.

Second tip is to find people outside your social circle who would be interested in communicating with you and add them. It is very important to look for people who have a similar interest or hobby.

Final tip is keeping it natural. Don’t send anything that is unnecessary. Don’t bore your friends by sending them too many photos. This will cause them to respond less. It’s nice in a while to send them a photo of you smiling.

In summary, your Snapchat score is based on, pretty much, how often you engage with the app. Please note that these scores don’t affect how the app works or how friends can view your photos. The rest goes from that point. So if you have Snapchat, but rarely use it, then you probably aren’t earning points. Snapchat is one of those apps that you really have to be engaged with to enjoy and it’s not hard to love it. So start getting those points!

Snapchat Score in new updates (2017)

The latest updates has replaced Snapchat Best Friends with Snapchat Fiends Emjois find out what these Snapchat Emojis mean? Also check out what Snapchat Emojis Numbers mean?

Snapchat Scores still features in the new updates, unfortunately the abilities such as seeing a friend’s score within the app, or more importantly seeing a friend’s “best friend list,” are all gone. If you are one of those people who constantly looked at Snapchat Best Friends of your boyfriend or girlfriend you are no longer going to have that option. I know you will hate this.

Since the introduction of Snapchat scoring system, Snapchat Score confuses many Snapchatters. Its meaning isn't explained well within the app by the Snapchat Team. The latest Snapchat Score seems to be based on certain factors like: the number of snaps you send; the number of snaps you receive; stories you post; and trophies you unlocked and other stuffs probably.

With the scrapping of Best Friends feature, do Snapchat Score still have a significance? Well, the actual purpose of the Snapchat score is still not known, but there doesn't seem to get you any perks from having a high score. It is simply a sign of how active you are on Snapchat or simply a social status symbol.

It's possible that those who have higher scores may get access to other Snapchat features, such as premium lenses, but again, Snapchat is leaving us in the dark about this stuff at the moment and we can't really assume much about it at this point.

How to Increase Snapchat Score

As far as Snapchat Scores is concerned, Snapchat seems to keeps its specific means for calculating the Snapchat score or mechanism a closely guarded-secret, but the most direct way of increasing Snapchat Score is to increase snaps activities-bot sending and viewing/receiving Snaps. Your score increase by a point when you send out a snap to a person or your story. It also increase when you open a snap sent to you. Send your friends videos, text or photo snaps more frequently and your score will increase. However, this may be a long and hard process if you are trying to boost your score to a high level.

There are numerous websites like Snapchat Score Hack etc or methods out there claiming they can hack one's Snapchat score. However, users should really consider if the benefits of a higher Snapchat score are really worth the concomitant risks brought on by hacking.

Increasing a Snapchat Score by these means or third party apps is illegal, as Snapchat clearly stated in their Terms of Service specifically forbid the use of automated processes. According to these website or apps you simply put in a username and the desired number of score to increase, then complete “Human Verification Check,” your score will increase. Once you have entered your details, these sites may ask you to complete some surveys as they termed as “Human Verification Check,” please note that these verification process are commercial links or surveys and source of their income, which they want you to complete. If they ask you get the heck out of there. Not sure all those sites works the same, its best to avoid them just by trying to increase your score.

The only best solution to increase your Snapchat score is to increase your Snapchat activities. Hopefully we've explaining the meaning of the Snapchat score system well enough to understand it's uses and how to increase it.

Why Snapchat Score Matters

Do you care about your Snapchat scores? Well, we all care about numbers in social networking world, like the number of likes snad shares they get. Tt has become one of the pillars of social media platforms where you are judged based on the number of friends, followers, comments, views and likes. Snapchat scores indicates that you are a serious Snapchat user. It has no real impact on your overall usage, but since it appears below your Snapchat QR code, you’re probably curious as to how it’s determined. The only real purpose of Snapchat Score is to get people to use Snapchat more. So the only tried and trusted method to increase your Snapchat score is to increase snapchat activities- send more snaps to people.

Please check out for more updates on Snapchat guides and explanations.

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  6. Snapchat score increases when you send out a snap or view a snap or story.It also increases when you add friends, verify your phone number and email as well. Its like when you increase your activities snpachat Scores increases as well!

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  12. This score that you see on Snapchat is basically a total of the snaps sent and the snaps received. This score doesn't always seem to be the right total. It is constantly changing and this is one of the reasons that it really confuses many users.

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