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How to Search Snapchat Username and Add Friends on Snapchat

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Snapchat is one of the most popular social media messaging services available in the marker for Android and iOS devices. Unlike many messaging apps it is not possible to view other’s Snapchat profile from a web browser. Friends' profiles can only be checked out through the Snapchat application. Snapchat App is different in some ways from other messaging apps as it allows users to search or lookup friend by age, sex or even without image. Finding friends on Snapchat can be quite annoying if one is not aware of all the procedures involved in operating.  Snapchat app is so much fun to use if one knows how to use it. 

Why we normally lookup for friends?

Social networking service is a platform to build social networks or social relations among people who share interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections. A social network service consists of a representation of each user (often a profile). Social network sites or apps allows individuals to create a public profile, to create a list of users with whom to share connections, and view and cross the connections within the system. Most of these social network services are web-based and provide means for users to interact over the Internet, such as e-mail and instant messaging. Social network sites are varied and they incorporate new information and communication tools such as mobile connectivity, photo/video/sharing and blogging.

 Snapchat differ from other messaging Apps.

Snapchat unlike other messaging applications is a bit different from its competitors. It is quite confusing as to why Snapchat would even have a Web presence for user profiles at all as it is a
service that’s made for phone-to-phone private communication. When someone click on a friend’s name within the Snapchat app, it takes one’s out of the application to their Web profile. Even though the Snapchat official site doesn’t have a place to log-in, one can simply type in a username to see the Web profile: This means that people who are not your friends on Snapchat can even look up your profile on the web. This allows someone to look up for their friends or dear ones just by entering their twitter or Instagram handle or username, if it matches it will pop ups their profiles.

Snapchat Profile? And it’s limitations

Unlike many other social media platforms, Snapchat doesn’t have a traditional profile which is why you may not know if you have one or know what’s in it. A Snapchat profile is very limited and mainly dictated by Snapchat what is displayed. They give the user very little control on what is or is not open to your contacts and general public.

Snapchat profile includes username, display name, high score and “best friends” on Snapchat. One can edit one’s display name to display anything they want if they want to keep their identity secret on Snapchat. That is the extent of your profile, so you may be asking yourself what is the big deal?
The main controversial aspect of Snapchat is that it shows the user’s top users that you send/receive snaps from. This means that everyone can see who you interact with the most on Snapchat. However, this feature was removed in its recent updaes. This brings up privacy concerns.

How To Look up Someone’s Snapchat Profile? Or How to Search Snapchat Usernames.

If you want to look-up your friends Snapchat profile or search for new profiles of people you aren’t friends with you can do it easily and quickly. All you need is to make sure you have the app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. The trick is, you need to know their Snapchat username to look up their profile first or you will need their phone number. You can’t just look up somebody by using their full name. To lookup profiles follow these steps:

1. Open the Snapchat App and you will see the screen where you can take a photo.
2.  Tap the three horizontal lines at the bottom right to see the list of your current friends. You can also swipe to the left on the screen.
3.  Now just tap on any friend’s Snapchat username and it will show their profile. This will include their display name, Snapchat username, their scores and their best friends on the app.
6.  Tap the back button to your list of contacts and tap their name, which will show you a list of their best friends and top score, etc.

How to View Snapchat profiles knowing someone’s cell number

1.  First, you will want to add the person’s cell phone number to your contact list. That will make it so Snapchat can access the number on the app.
2.  Follow steps 1 through 3 the same as above.
3.  Tap the top middle button which is “snapchatters in my contacts” which will give you a list of all your contacts who have Snapchat but you haven’t added them yet.
4.  Find the person who you added their phone number and tap the plus button.
5.  From there, go back or swipe right and tap on their name to view their profile.


Add Friends by Snapcode or Profile Link or QR Code

Apart from the above two mentioned ways of adding friends on Snapchat, there’s more unique way to add friends on Snapchat with latest upadtes.

So What is this Snapcodes?
Snapcodes are unique, scannable codes that make adding new Snapchat friends and opening Snapchat content even easier to get more followers. Scanning a Snapcode is as easy as sending a snap.

Where to find you Snapcode?
Your Snapcode is located in the center of your Profile Screen, found by tapping in the upper center of the Camera Screen.

How to scan your Snapchat?
You simply point your Snapchat camera at a Snapcode, and then press and hold on the screen. Done!

How to Add Friends with a Snapcode Screenshot

Snapcode lets you quickly add friends on Snapchat by scanning Snapcodes you’ve previously screenshotted on your device.

You can add a friend’s Snapcode by following the steps by steps instructions;

1. Take a screenshot of a friend’s Snapcode. You can ask your friends to so this or head over to Reddit or other social networkings where people are posting their Snapcode sreenshots looking for people to add them.
2. Open your Snapchat App, then tap the Snapchat Icon at the top of the camera screen.
3. Tap the ‘Add Friends’ button.
4. Tap ‘Add by Snapcode’.
5. Tap a Snapcode to add the associated Snapchatter.
6. Done.

Add Snapchat Friends by Add Nearby

Add Nearby is perfect for when you meet a group of new friends and want to add friends on Snapchat.  Add Nearby feature searches for people near you who uses Snapchat and also activated “Add Nearby” feature. So you can ask a group of people or multiple friends to turn on “Add Nearby” feature in the “Add Friend” menu, and you will be able to add all of them at one go.

How To Use Snapchat Add Nearby

To use Add Nearby feature, follow these instructions below;

1. Tap the Snapchat Icon at the top of your camera screen.
2. And then Tap ‘Add Friends’.
3.  Again, Tap ‘Add Nearby’ and select ‘Ok’ to allow Snapchat to use your location for finding nearby Snapchatters. Please note if you don't allow Snapchat to use your location this feature won't work.
4. Then, Ask a friend to open "Add Nearby" on their phone.
5. Finally, Tap the ‘+’ sign next to your friend’s username to add them! If a friend adds you, Snapchat will send let you know through a notification.

Pro tip: Next time you're hanging with some of friends, have everyone around you open up the Add Nearby at the same time to find each other. If no results appear after a minute, simply tap to search again.

Snapchat Search in New Update

Snapchat has added a Search functionality in its updates to make finding a friend much easier. You can even perform a search in a group you are in and many more. With the new search functions you can now find Stories on different topics, automatically created from Snaps which are submitted to Story.

Tapping on the Search icon at the top left corner of the screen lets you search or browse your friends or suggested friends and topics.

You can also see your new friends or use the Quick Add function to see other Snapchatters you might already know.

Snapchat Security & Privacy Concerns

There have been serious security breaches when it comes to Snapchat. From images not being deleted properly to Snapchat obtaining contact and location information without your consent, there are legitimate concerns when it comes to your privacy while using the app. Snapchat recently had a huge security breach where 4.6 million Snapchat profiles, usernames, and phone numbers were taken. To make things worse, Snapchat was slow to act to the breach and had been
How do I check if my Snapchat username / phone number was leaked?

Worried that your Snapchat account information was hacked? 4.6 million Snapchat account phone numbers and usernames were recently leaked in a data breach.

To check and see if your Snapchat account information was leaked:

1. Navigate to one of these websites: GS Lookup - Snapchat or

2. Enter your Snapchat username or phone number and submit.

3. The site will check your info against the database and let you know if your data was leaked.

4. The entire database of leaked Snapchat accounts can be found

What should I do if my Snapchat account is leaked or hacked?

If your data has been leaked, don't freak out! There are a few things you can do if you've been affected.

First and foremost thing , you delete your Snapchat account, this won't remove your phone number from the already circulating leaked database.

If you feel that you'd rather unscrupulous entities not potentially have your phone number, contact your telecom service provider and request that they give you a new number. If you detail the breach, they'll almost certainly give you a new one.

Lastly, ensure that your security settings are up to scratch on your social media profiles. Be always careful about what data you give away to sites when you sign up.

Last Updated on August 03, 2017.

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Snapchat Hack: How To Record Longer Videos On Snapchat or increase Snapchat Video length

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This trick will let you record videos as much as you want on iPhone. Snapchat's videos usually allows only 10 seconds to record and send videos, but this little trick will teach you a way to take video for as long as you like either camera and then upload it to your Story.

Here’s the hack to take more than 10 seconds videos on Snapchat The method is quite simple as taking normal video. All you need to do is start recording video as you usually you do.
First step, you just start recording video as normal, and while holding your finger down on the screen, double taps the home button to enable multitasking view, and presto. Your snap or video will continue recording until you re-enter Snapchat, which then automatically stops the recording.

This method allows the Snapchat app to carry on recording well beyond the 10 seconds time limit.Tapping back into the app will stop the recording. However, videos after exceeding the 10 seconds limit suffered in quality. This method also will only work if you're filming a story - not a video for sending to friends. You won’t be able to send more than 10 seconds video as snap, as Snapchat will automatically cuts them down to 10 seconds when sent. However, you can add video snaps of any duration to your story.

Unfortunately, this method does not seem to work on Android devices because of the different way the operating system handles multitasking. This is due to a small bug which Snapchat is likely to address this issue in the future. You can enjoy this feature while it lasts.

Multi Snaps ~ Record Longer Snapchat Video

The latest Snapchat updates brings the ability to record longer videos which lets Snapchatters record around 60 seconds. This new feature is called “Multi-Snap Recording.It allows you to take multiple Snaps, 6 snaps of 10 seconds each in a row and choose which ones to send.

How to Record Longer Videos in Multi-Snap

Please note that this feature is currently available only  on iOS, it is expected to be rolled out soon for Android as well. If you don't yet how to take multi snaps, here's is the steps;

1. Open your Snapchat app.
2. On your Camera screen, like you normally do, just press and hold the capture button to record a video snap.
3. Now, keep on holding the capture button even after the timer runs out. It will automatically start recording another Snap.
4. Once you are done, your Snaps will appear on the bottom of your screen.
5. Choose the ones you want to use and drag the ones you want to remove or delete into the trash icon.
6. Like the normal Snaps, you can edit your Snap, you can apply any effects.

Some Main Features of Multi Snaps

You can access all of your Multi Snaps in your Memories under the ‘Snaps’ and ‘All’ tabs. Single Snap from a Multi Snap cannot be separated and if you save a Multi Snap to your Camera Roll, it will automatically save as a single video. Like other snaps, Multi Snaps cannot be looped, reversed, or include 3D stickers.

Last Updated on August 03, 2017.

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Snapchat Geofilter Cost - How To Create Snapchat Geofilters?

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Snapchat Geofilters is among one of the most popular features on the Snapchat application. In this post we will give you a complete tutorial on creating Geofilter and Snapchat Geofilter Cost. Geofilters is nothing but a type of different filters available on Snapchat. Geofilters are special overlays for Snaps that can only be accessed in certain locations - available based on your geo-location. Geofilters are a fun way to share where you are through filter overlays. They are specific to neighborhoods and special locations. While the unique designs of Geofilters will change place-to-place, you can find them in a few big cities around the world to start. Artists and designers are encouraged to use this tool to bring their one-of-a-kind style to the Snapchat community. Simply choose the geographic area you want your filter to be available in and upload an image asset. All images must be original artwork and have to be approved by the Snapchat team. Snapchat is beta testing Sponsored Geofilters with a few brand partners, which is likely to be launched later this year.

What is Snapchat Community Geofilters?

Geofilters are special overlays for Snaps that can only be accessed in certain locations. Artists and designers are encouraged to use our tool to bring their one-of-a-kind style to the Snapchat community. Simply choose the geographic area you want your filter to be available in and upload an image asset. All images must be original artwork and have to first be approved by the Snapchat team.

How To Use Snapchat Geofilters?

To use Snapchat geofilters feature is very easy and doesn’t take much effort like any other features. Once you are done taking a snap or photo, swipe from right to left. If there is a Snapchat geofilter available in your current location, it will overlay on your photo. Then, all you need to do is hit send button.

Snapchat offers two types of On-Demand Geofilters: one type is for Personal and another one is for Businesses. The area for on-demand geofilters must be between 20,000 and 5 million square feet and they cannot be active for more than 30 days.

Personal Geofilters: In Personal Geofilters you cannot include any branding, business marks, business names, business logos, or other promotional content for a business or brand. They’re meant to be used for birthday parties, graduations, and other personal celebrations.

On-Demand Geofilters for Businesses
: On the other hand, are those that promote brands or businesses and must include a business name, which will be shown to let Snapchat users know that your business submitted the filter. Unlike Personal Geofilter, On-Demand Geofilters for Businesses can use branding, business marks, business names, business logos, or other promotional content for a business or brand. They cannot, however, use photographs of people, URLs, phone numbers, emails, drug-related content, or content that you don’t own or have the authorization to use.

Snapchat Geofilter Cost

Well, we can't exactly the cost of Snapchat geofilter cost, On-Demand Geofilter depends on a number of factors such as the size and area of the Geofence and the duration.

However, you can see the estimated cost of the Geofilter by Signing into the Snapchat Geofilter. Below is the step by step instructions;

1. Sign in at the Snapchat geofilter page,as given in the below instrucions.
2. now Skip or go to 'Step 3' and select the date range, time, and the area for your Geofilter to be active.
3. Once you selected, the cost of your Geofilter will appear at the top left corner of the screen.

Please note that, at this time, Snapchat only accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover for makng payments.

How to Create On-Demand Geofilters for Snapchat

To to Create On-Demand Geofilters for Snapchat follow the step-by-step instructions.

1. First go to the On-Demand Geofilters page and click on the Create Now button.
2. Next Click Create Now to begin the process.
3. Please note that you will be asked to log into your Snapchat account. Then you’ll be given the option to download templates for your On-Demand Geofilter and to read the submission guidelines.
4. Download the ready to use template or upload your own image file if know how create it with your own.
5. The templates provided by Snapchat are offered in both PSD and AI format. You can use these templates to quickly create your On-Demand Geofilters if you have Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.
6. The image should be in a PNG file format that is 1,080px wide by 1,920px tall with a transparent background that is under 300KB in file size. You can do this without Photoshop or Illustrator. Make sure the dimensions of your image are exact.
7. Now add  a shape at the bottom to create a banner effect to make it more appealing.
8. Add visual elements to your image template.
9. Then add text or upload a logo.
10. Include a logo or text that represents the location of the filter.
11. You can download the image as a PNG file.

Download your Filter image and Creating Filter
1. Once downloaded, open the PNG file in GIMP and use the Select by Color option to select the white area of the image.
2. Using GIMP you can edit your image. Then use the Color to Alpha option to take the white selection and make it transparent.
3. Overwrite the PNG file you downloaded, creating a geofilter with a transparent PNG background that’s under 300KB in file size.
4. Overwrite the file to create your geofilter image.
5. When you upload the file to Snapchat, you’ll see a preview of what it would look like as an On-Demand Geofilter. This will allow you to edit your file accordingly until you get it just the way you want it.
6. Preview your geofilter before final submission. When your design is finished, click Next to choose the dates you’d like your On-Demand Geofilter to be active.

Select the Date Range

Select up to a 30-day date range. Then you choose the area that Snapchat users must be in to use your On-Demand Geofilter.

Find location on the map.
Now draw a geofence around your exact location. This fence must be a minimum of 20,000 square feet. At this stage, you’ll get a pricing estimate based on the size of your fence and the date range you’ve selected.

Defining the exact boundary for your geofilter.
Once you are on the final screen,  confirm your order details including payment information and choose whether your On-Demand Geofilter is personal or business. This selection does not seem to affect the amount you’re charged for your geofilter.

Finalizing the order.
Your On-Demand Geofilter will go into review after you’ve entered your details and submit it. You should get an email confirmation from Snapchat. To check the status of your order, you can click on My Orders to review your order status and also you can cancel your order if necessary. Please note that, tt this stage your Orders cannot be updated. You’ll soon get an email from Snapchat to let you know your filter has been approved or disapproved. Thats' it.

Snapchat Geofilters not working?

If Snapchat Geofilters does not show up you will need to enable location services in your smartphone which is available under the settings of your smartphone. After you have turned on the location services on your device, you will find all the apps that use location. Don’t worry about enabling the location services for Snapchat because it promises that it won’t store your location data. Still it does not show up, it means that Snapchat Geofilters is not yet available in your current location.

How To Create Your Own Snapchat Community Geofilters?

Snapchat Geofilters are accessible only at a select few popular locations. Snapchat community Geofilters are a boon for people living in countries outside the U.S. where zero to very few Geofilters are available. But, we expect to see special geofilters for every special location around the world in the near future. If your location doesn’t have a Geofilter yet, and if you are creative enough, Snapchat has an option for you. Snapchat lets you create and submit your own custom community Geofilters for any location around the world. Snapchat has rules, guidelines and tips for community Geofilters. If Snapchat feels your custom Geofilter is up to the mark, it makes the Geofilter available to all its users.

Make sure that Snapchat wants you to create 100 percent original artwork without any logos or trademarks for the custom community Geofilter. You should submit/upload a web-optimized, transparent PNG image file with 1080px width and 1920px height. The image file should not be more than or greater than 300kb in size.

You can submit your custom Snapchat community Geofilters at All you need to do is upload the Geofilter file and geofence the area where the Geofilter should be available, and hit submit after filling a short form.Now, all you need to do is wait for some communication from Snapchat that your custom Geofilter has been accepted.

Snapchat Geofilter Submission Guidelines

Geofilters are location based overlays that users can apply to their Snaps. Now Snapchatters, artists and designers around the world can submit their own fun and creative Geofilter artwork.
Following these guidelines will help increase the likelihood of your Geofilter being selected:
•    Businesses are not currently eligible for Community Geofilters.
•    Draw your geofence thoughtfully, it should only cover the relevant area.
•    Keep it local. Do not cover an entire country, state or province.
•    Select a public place, neighborhood, landmark, venue or other location where people are likely to gather and send Snaps.

•    All graphics used must be 100% original.
•    No logos or trademarks. The only exception is that we will accept college and university logos submitted by authorized officials from those schools.
•    Be creative and make it visually compelling.
•    Don't cover up too much of the screen.
•    Make sure it's relevant to the location and something that people will want to use.

Submission Tips
•    Provide a good description, including any relevant dates.
•    Files should be 1080px wide.
•    Files should be under 300KB (for PNGs).

Geofilter  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are a list of common Community Geofilter questions and answers.

How long will it take for my Geofilter to be reviewed?

Submission are reviewed in the order in which they are received. We can't provide a reviewal timeline, unfortunately, but if yours is selected we'll email you. If you have not received a response, it may be because we have not yet reviewed your submission. We appreciate your patience!

Can I submit more than one Geofilter for a single event or location?

In most cases, we try to keep the number of Geofilters per location or event to a minimum. Help us decorate the world by submitting Geofilters for different events and locations!
I messed up. Can I withdraw a Geofilter submission prior to your team reviewing it or resubmit?
Oops! If you notice an issue with your Geofilter, you can resubmit it. Please make sure to clarify the issue in the notes when you resubmit.

Will I be notified once the Geofilter is reviewed?

Typically, after a Geofilter has been reviewed, an automatic email will be sent letting you know if your Geofilter has been approved or not.

I received an email saying my Geofilter was approved and would be “live” soon but it’s been a few days and I still don’t see it. What could be the issue?
If you’re having difficulty viewing the Geofilter, please make sure:
•    You’re in the Geofenced area of the Geofilter
•    Your location settings are enabled and you have a strong GPS signal
•    You have a reliable network connection, preferably Wi-Fi

Can I submit a Geofilter without using the website tool?

Unfortunately, no. All submissions should be made via the Community Geofilter tool.

How can I remove my Geofilter?

If you would like to request that we remove your submitted  Geofilter, please submit a request here, selecting “Remove a Geofilter” on the dropdown, and we will review the request. Please provide all requested information in the form and attach a screenshot of the Geofilter you are requesting that we remove.

What if my Geofilter is not approved?

If your Geofilter was not approved it could be for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:
•    Unoriginal Content: All graphics and portions of the graphic must be 100% original. Logos and trademarks, including school crests or similar marks are not allowed.
•    Not visually interesting or useful enough: Make sure all submitted Geofilters are something that people will want to use. Remember, anyone within the Geofence may have access to the filter.
•    Not relevant or too broad: Keep it local. Don't cover an entire country, state, or province. We consider Geofilters for entire cities, but the bigger the city, the higher the bar for quality.
•    Insufficient description: If your filter doesn't speak for itself, tell us why it's important.
•    Incorrectly formatted (PNGs): Make sure your Geofilter asset fits in a 1080x1920 pixel box. Also make sure that the file is not too huge (over 300kb).
•    Non-transparent background: Make sure you export your Geofilter on a background that is transparent. A common mistake is to export on an opaque background. Remember, you can resubmit your Geofilter after remedying any issues.

Lat updated on August 1, 2017.

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How to Block Someone on Snapchat or Remove Someone on Snapchat

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Blocking is a new social media tool feature, meant to be used. People have different ways of dealing with pain and relationships problems. For some people, out-of-sight is out-of-mind and blocking perhaps serves the purpose. Blocking may effectively prevent people who can potentially harm you by sending you annoying Snaps from doing so.  Blocking also give people a sense of control, as if they are the ones doing the "break up."  It is an act done when people feel disrespected but feel powerless to win respect in some positive way.  In some cases you may take this action when you think someone isn't interested in you, you aren't matching the criteria of someone for acknowledging your  presence, someone else referred your name to others to put you in block list.
Tired of receiving Snaps from someone on your Snapchat contact list?  Whatever the reason may be, here's how to block someone on Snapchat.

How To Block someone on Snapchat

Removing or Deleting or Blocking someone on Snapchat is very simple process. Just follow the step by step we have provided below;

Blocking a Snapchatter from Added Me

To block a Snapchatter who added you follow the steps below.
1. Open the Snapchat app and Tap 'Added Me' on the Profile Screen.

2. Go to your list of friends and scroll down until you reach the username of the person you wish to block.
3. Tap once on their name, then tap the Gear icon next to their name.

4. Press 'Block' to prevent them from sending you Snaps, Chats, or from viewing your Stories.

Or press 'Delete' to remove them from your Friends.

Blocking a Snapchatter from My Friends

To block a Snapchatter who is your Friend follow the steps below.

1. Tap 'My Friends' on the Profile Screen.
2. Tap on their name.
3. Tap the  below their name and select 'Block' to prevent them from sending you Snaps, Chats, or from viewing your Stories.

Blocking a Snapchatter in Chat

To block a Snapchatter who chatted you follow the steps below.
1. Swipe left on the Snapchatter's name who chatted you to open the Chat screen.
2. Tap  Menu
3. Tap 'Block' to prevent them from sending you Snaps, Chats, or from viewing your Stories.

Unblock a Snapchatter from Snapchat

You can unblock a Snapchatter by following the steps below.
1. Tap  Gear icon on the upper-right corner of the Profile screen.
2. Tap 'Blocked' under the 'Account Actions' section at the bottom of the Settings screen.

3. You will see a list of the Snapchatters you have blocked. Tap 'X' next to their name to unblock them.

Hope this helps in blocking someone on Snapchat. Happy Snapping! If you have problems in blocking and deleting your Snapchat friends, please do let us in the comments below.

This post was originally posted on January 2016 and Updated on July 29, 2017.

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What Do Snapchat Emojis and Numbers Mean?

Posted by Snapchat Tricks 5 Comments
We have talk about the recent updates of Snapchat's Friend Emojis in previous post. So far the recent updates has received a mixed response from Snapchatters.  Some people find themselves amused by it and are enjoying the new ranking system while others find it confusing, embarrassing, annoying or just plain dumb. These new emojis updates are quite confusing and the numbers in emojis, Snapchat is yet to officially publish or explain about these new updates and what they actually mean.

With this new Snapchat update Snapchatters are flooding social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter looking for the best possible explanation of the new updates.

What Do The Numbers In Snapchat Emojis Mean?

In our previous post we have explained What the new Snapchat Friend Emojis mean, if your are not yet sure what these emojis mean please check out our previous post.  So what is this new numbers in emojis mean?
Now instead of logging on and seeing your Best Friends list at the top of the your profile, all you Snapchat buddies are now being ranked with their own special emoji and numbering system.

So, in addition to ranking your friends with an emoji they deem most appropriate, Snapchat has also decided to get a little more up in your business by giving some of your friends numbers.

So, what does this numbers mean? In the new Snapchat Friend Emojis, numbers display indicate how many days in a row you have been Snapchatting with that particular buddy.  Add these factors to the “Needs Love” feature, which highlights those friends you haven’t Snapped with in a while, and this app is turning into a micromanaging second mother.

One good change that has taken place with the emoji update is that your Best Friends list is no longer publicly visible. The emoji and number results you see are now visible for your eyes only and not everyone in your circle of friends.

To learn more about the update in general, please check out the instruction manual for Friend Emojis in the Snap Channel of Snapchat app’s “Discover” section.

Apart from the above mentioned Emojis and numbers, Snapchat has added Friend Emojis which indicates various snapping relationships with friends. These Emojis are Gold Heart, Red Heart, Pink Hearts, Grimace, Smile, Sunglasses, Smirk, Fire, Hourglass, Birthday Cake. The meaning of these emojis can be found in our previous post here : Snapchat Emoji Meanings.

Enjoy Snappings!

Last Updated on July 22, 2017.

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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Snapchat Emoji meanings ~ Snapchat Updates

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Snapchat today in its latest updates replaces its most popular feature Best Friends with Friend Emojis. This emoji update is the company’s attempt to replace the “Best Friends” feature, which previously let snapchatters see their best friends simply by checking out friend’s profile. When Snapchat removed this Best Friends with Discovery update most snapchatters were super upset about this and they have not been quiet about the issue, flooding Twitter and Facebook with commentary about the removal. Snapchat says today’s update is a huge update that it says will “Change Your Life” Read on to see Snapchat Emoji meanings.

With this latest update Snapchatters have been scrambling to figure out what the different icons and emojis mean. Social media and mobile news websites have been doing their best to quickly learn what all the icons mean. It is interesting to see how the different demographics of Snapchat value these “best friends. The new set of emojis include a gold heart, a grimace face or gritting teeth, a smiley face, a sunglasses emoji, a smirking face and a firey flame. Snapchat has yet to release an official blog post explaining about these icons mean.

Starting from today most snapchat users will notice a bunch of emojis will be popping up in your Snapchat friends list. Now, instead of seeing your "Best Friends" list like they used to be, you'll now get to follow an emoji to see who your most snapped buddies really are.

Snapchat's latest update has some people confused. The app now displays different emoji next to people you snap with on a regular basis. These emojis will signify different levels of snapping relationships and they will only visible to you.

This latest emoji update is a clever way of annotating your Snapchat friendships in a private way to better gauge how you're connected. It may also ensure that you keep snapping your friends daily so your snapstreak fire doesn't burn out.

What do Snapchat’s Friend Emojis mean

Now lets have a look what these imojis mean.
Snapchat cheekily used a bunch of of pictures of Beyonce with her various crew members to mark what each of the different levels mean.

An emoji heart next to a contact’s name means you're both best friends. 

The grimace emoji means you share the same top best friends, which could definitely lead to some awkward conversations.

A smiling face shows that you're best friends, but not, like, number one best friends.

The sunglasses emoji signifies that you share a best friend. 

And the smirk emoji means that you're someone's best friend but they're not yours. 

Fire next to your contact’s name means that you've been on a “snapstreak,” sending each other disappearing messages for multiple days in a row.

Snapchat’s Low-Light Camera And “Needs Love”

There are also two more new features. A “Moon” icon at the top of the camera lets you turn on and off a low-light mode for the camera. Previously, Snapchat’s camera was terrible in low light compared to most phones’ default cameras. Now when you’re in the dark, the moon icon will appear, and you can tap it to instantly brighten what you’re looking at, making Snapchat better at night, parties, and concerts.

Snapchat also wants to remind you to send snaps to people you haven’t in a while. When you go to pick friends to send a Snap to, under your list of “Recents” who you’ve snapped with a lot recently, you’ll see a section of “Needs Love”, who are people you used to snap with a lot but haven’t sent one to in a while.

Friend Emojis and “Needs Love” both turn Snapchat into more of a game. These features could make people want to snap more so they get a Snapstreak or become someone’s best friend, and guilt them about not snapping with certain people anymore.

If these, or other Snapchat features seem confusing, that’s sort of the point. The company hopes it users will teach each other how the features work, and that questions about them on social media will make the app more viral.

More Snapchat Emojis

 Below are some of the new emojis which were added.

100: The two of you exchange snaps for a consecutive 100 days. It means a 100 Day Snapstreak.
Hourglass: This indicates that your Snapstreak you are having is about to end. To keep the streak alive, just continue to send a snaps.
Birthday Cake: This emoji shows that your friend has a birthday today. This emoji displays Only if your friend has the Birthday feature enabled in Snapchat settings.
Baby: It means that you just became friends.
Pink Hearts: This Pink Heart emoji indicates that you have been #1 BFs with each other for two consecutive months. Dedication!
Red Heart: It means that you have been #1 BFs with each other for two weeks straight.
Gold Star: This shows that someone has replayed this person's snaps in the past 24 hours.

Those are the new Snapchat best friend emojs. Below are some of the features of  the old Snapchat Best Friend features. If you want, you can still continue to read them.

Snapchat Zodiac Emojis

Apart from the emojis, there are Zodiac Sign emojis, which are display below the Snapchat username. Lets the date ranges of these emojis.

♈ Aries: March 21 - April 20
♉ Taurus: April 21 - May 21
♊ Gemini: May 22 - June 21
♋ Cancer: June 22 - July 22
♌ Leo: July 23 - August 22
♍ Virgo: August 23 - September 23
♎ Libra: September 24 - October 23
♏ Scorpius: October 24 - November 22
♐ Sagittarius: November 23 - December 21
♑ Capricorn: December 22 - January 20
♒ Aquarius: January 21 - February 19
♓ Pisces: February 20 - March 20

Apart from the above mentioned Emojis, there are also Snapchat Icons and Snapchat Trophies. We have written about these in a separate post. You can check out here: What are Snapchat Trophies? What do Snaptchat Trophies mean? and Snapchat Icons Meaning, what does these icons mean?

Updated on July 20, 2017.

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

How to Create and Send Snaps on Snapchat?

Posted by Snapchat Tricks 7 Comments

What are Snaps on Snapchat?

Snaps are picture or video messages taken and shared with friends on Snapchat in real-time. Snaps can be viewed for up to 10 seconds, depending on the amount of time the user chooses. Snapchatters can choose to have their photo or video saved in their phone’s photo gallery or just sent to friends.

By default, Snaps disappear from the screen once they are viewed - unless your friend decides to keep it, such as with a screenshot or separate camera. Snaps are meant to make conversation more spontaneous, visual and fun!

How to Create and Send Snaps on Snapchat?

Taking Photos and Videos is very simple, it just takes a couple of taps to create and send.

Open your Snapchat App, To take a Snap or record a video Snap, for Video press and hold the center circle button for as long as you want the video to be.

To delete your photo, tap the X button in the top left corner.

๐Ÿ”„   Tap this icon to switch cameras and take a selfie. You can use this to flip between the front and rear-facing camera. You can also simply double-tap the Camera screen to swap cameras, too. Might works in all phones.

⚡️  Tapping this flash icon enables or disable your flash. Please note that front-facing flash isn’t available on all devices.

⏰  If you want to set a time for your Snap, you can choose anywhere between 1 - 10 seconds, or choose ∞ to let them view it for as long as they’d like. To do this just tap on the Timer icon to select the ranges.

๐Ÿ”‚  When you record a video Snap, you can tap this button to choose for it to be played just once or to loop on repeat until your friend closes it.

๐Ÿ”‚  If you want to save your Snap to  Memories just tap this Icon.

  If you want to add your Snap to Story just tap this icon.

Apart from the above normal Snap, you can always swipe right or left on the Preview screen to choose between all kinds of Filters, colors , video speeds and many other effects.

Editing, Drawing and Adding a Caption on Snapchat

To draw on your Snap, tap the pen icon in the top right corner.

To add a caption, tap the middle of the screen and enter text. Tap anywhere (or press “Done”) to exit out of the caption interface.

After you take a Snap, you’ll see all kinds of creative tools ๐ŸŽจ

๐Ÿ– :  The Doodle tool lets you draw all over your Snap. Just drag along the rainbow slider to change the color of your brush, and pinch your fingers in and out to change the size of the brush. If you tap on the ❤️ icon, you can even draw with emoji.

๐šƒ : The text tool lets you add a caption. You can make a statement in captions and Chats by writing with different styles - like bold, underline, and italics. Just select the text you want to format and tap the BIU button that appears over it.

: The Stickers tool lets you decorate your Snap with Stickers and Bitmoji. Just choose from the list.

✂️ : The Scissors tool lets you turn just about anything into a Sticker, making it easy to copy and paste! Under the Scissors tool, you’ll also find the Magic Eraser,  Tint Brush, and Backdrop!

๐Ÿ“Ž : Tapping the Paperclip tool lets you tattach a website link to your Snap. You can type in a website URL or search for a page right in Snapchat. When a friend views your Snap, they can swipe up to see what you linked to! 

Viewing Snaps on Snapchat

To view your Snaps, press and hold any of the unopened Snaps (indicated by a filled-in box) in your feed page.

If you have multiple Snaps sent to you from the same friend, those Snaps will be viewed as a stacked flipbook of moments, similar to Stories.

The total length of Snap sequence is shown in seconds in the square at the top right of the screen. The length of each individual Snap is represented by the tracing line around the square.

To skip to the next Snap in the stack, tap the screen with another finger.

If you want to view Snaps individually, swipe into your friend's Chat screen.

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